Why Web-Based Training?

Web-based training presents live content, as fresh as the moment and modified at will, in a structure allowing self-directed, self-paced instruction in any topic. WBT is media-rich training fully capable of evaluation, adaptation, and remediation, all independent of computer platform.
Web-based training is an ideal vehicle for delivering training to individuals anywhere in the world at any time.

SAP® * Web based training.

If you're a new SAP® user or just want to improve your skills, the training you need is just a few mouse clicks away.
SAP®'s on-line Navigation Class is now available on the Internet through
  This state-of-the-art training tool lets you work at your own speed, progressing through on-line demonstrations, highly realistic interactive simulations, relevant quizzes, and challenging exercises. You can start and end sessions whenever you wish, pick up exactly where you left off,

and build your skills to power-user level in no time.


Please mail us any support questions through help page and one of our consultants will email or call you to answer your query.

Why us?

We only know SAP® and we are good at it. With more than 18 years knowledge we are experts in this field. We do not give standard SAP® solutions; we study, test and work on the client site before providing any solution.

Building successful learning strategies for the world's leading organizations.

The choices can be overwhelming. We make your job easier.

Our jointly developed strategies enable you to re-engineer your approach to enterprise learning - within your budget - and achieve large-scale organizational change quickly and effectively.

From concept, design and delivery to ongoing support, Teachmesap is a collaborative learning partner

As your learning partner, teachmesap supports you through the entire learning lifecycle - from concept, design and delivery to ongoing maintenance and support of a customized learning environment. Our learning services include custom content creation and delivery, content re-purposing, project management, customization and integration services, on-line mentoring and platform hosting

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Corporate Benefits
User Benefits
  • Provides effective, almost immediate education for every employee
  • Saves considerable costs in terms of employee downtime, travel/accommodation costs
  • Global access to standards that impact best practices and processes
  • Distributes educational content to many learners within a very short timeframe
  • Accommodates rapidly changing course content
  • Facilitiates refresher training and reviews
  • Individuals learn in an interactive environment, but with the benefits of being able to take the course from their own office or desk, without the time and travel implications of a normal classroom based training programme
  • Learners can return immediately to their working environment, putting new skills to work on the same day, increasing the benefit of the training
  • Learners can work through the course material at their own pace (self paced) at any given time in any location. Ideal for 'just-in-time' education and knowledge transfer
* We do not represent SAP® or its associated companies. "SAP® “ is the registered trademark(s) of SAP® AG in Germany and in several other countries. We only provide support to companies who already own a licensed version of SAP® software.